Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Retiring in Spain

2011 11 02

No Photos - the BC dropped our waterproof camera in the Mediterranean.  It's being waterproof explains why we find ourselves high and dry without any images.

As a retirement home Almerimar is more than adequate. We engage in a lot of rest home activities: drives in the countryside and reading, morning exercises and language classes.

So far we have avoided guided bus tours.

Thankfully we have avoided descent into the nightmare of expat British society: drinking at the British bar, watching British soccer leagues, meeting at the "British" chandlery each morning to complain about the inferior races that surround us. 

Even with the aid of  frequent resort to good cheap alcohol, there are times I miss living somewhere relevant.

Being in "The Med" has captivated the Budget Committee.  My wife likes old broken useless things so Europe is win win for the two of us. 

Everything worthwhile in Spain seems to have been designed by the Moors, built by the Romans and paid for by the Germans.  There is not much Spanish in Spain but we do enjoy stabbing away at the language.   

There are days when we downright eviscerate it.  With relish.

We look forward to doing the same thing to Greece.

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