Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Six Degrees of Integration - The Give and Take of Cruising Life

2013 06 06
Last couple of days in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Today one of the women on a boat anchored near us is traveling to Marina di Ragusa.  While there she is picking up a package which was left for us by a boat from Nova Scotia. 

That boat is installing a new wind generator and gave, gave mind you, their old unit to us.  This was a pretty cool gift and once installed will make a nice addition to our power generation scheme.

The lady going to MdR is getting to shore on a dinghy whose  sick outboard was correctly diagnosed by us and repaird using our parts and service manual.  

Yesterday we were aboard a neighbouring boat for three hours helping with the successful repair of their Northern Lights generator.  

That sailor saved us a tidy sum on a recommendation for a supplier of hose and parts for our bilge pump replacement.

Our neighbour on the other side finished varnishing his toe rail yesterday with varnish provided by my wife.  He needed only a few millilitres and did not want to open a whole litre can.

These are the filaments touching our lone boat in a single day.  Every boat in the anchorage is similarly engaged.

We are a community.

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