Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Icefields Highway

2014 07 19
Victoria, BC

Let me tell you, in a brief thousand words, why you should pack up the car and drive four thousand kilometres across Canada to look at what could be described as a bunch of old rocks.  Here is why:

The icefields Highway runs from Jasper, Alberta south through the Rocky Mountains following for most of its length the Athabasca River.  It is one of those things you should do before you die.  If you are a Canadian well...where the heck have you been?

We did not take many photographs.  There was no need.  This trip will not be lightly forgotten and the photographs are such a tepid representation of what this is all about that they do nothing to rekindle the memory.

Here are the few we took:

The Icefields

Athabasca River in the Foreground, Glaciers to the Read

The Waterfalls Well A Very Few of Them Anyway

The Wildlife - We Stopped to Watchfully (for Momma Bear) Take a Quick Look

Baby Bear Just Fooling Around on the Side of the Road
You cannot imagine what we did not photograph and we could never impart what we felt.  Rock your boat.  Disturb the tranquility and come here.  


  1. Nice photos Bob and Connie. In August of 2013, we drove our car from Ottawa to Victoria and back to Rocky Mountain House Alberta. 15 days ago, we returned to Calgary, picked up our car and after a week headed East. We're currently in Timmins visiting friends and relatives and should be finally back in Ottawa next week. Driving East this year, we chose to drive along US Hwy 2 East, where the gas was 40% cheaper. Lots of nice scenery. It may be many years before we do it again. Cheers, Wade and Diane (boat in Curacao)

  2. did this in a previous life in 1976.More recently, 2012. on the train. the admiral didn't think a train track should be on the side of a cliff, but it was quite spectacular

  3. Terrific photos. We always enjoy your blog and continue to follow it. Cheers Ruth and Mark