Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Does It Cost to Clear Into Cuba and What are Some of the Other Costs

March 31, 2010
Marina Vita, Vita, Cuba
Here are the exact current costs to clear into Cuba:
Doctor Inspection: $25 CUC
Customs Inspection: $20 CUC
Veterinary Inspection: $5 CUC
VISA: $15 CUC per person
Boat Stamp: $10 CUC.
Total Cost to Meredith with 2 crew: $90 CUC.
There is also a cruising permit fee of $15.
A CUC trades at about $1.14 CDN dollar per CUC.
When we wish to leave harbour for another Cuban port we must give the harbourmaster 24 hours notice and buy 2 stamps for $5 CUC each. Each port we enter we must buy 2 stamps for $5 CUC each.
To clear out of Cuba we must buy one stamp for $10 CUC.
At Marina Vita, with hydro and water included we pay $.60 CUC per foot of boat length. In our case this is 38 x .60 or about $22.80 CUC. At $1.15 CDN per CUC we are talking under $28 a day. The marina has nice facilities and good showers. No hot water though. We have not missed it.
We paid $20 to go from Vita to Guadalavaca, about 15 kilometres and back. The driver was occupied with us all day. Today we went to Holguin, about 45 minutes away. Total cost was $100.
Car Rental:
About $40 a day. Not much of a car however.

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