Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fats Waller on Cruising: "I Wonder What's Cookin'. MMMMMM. Smells Like Fish"

May 6, 2010
Deep Creek Lock, Dismal Swamp, Virginia

Now, we all know Fats Waller, the master of the double  entendre was not talking  Tuna when he uttered the title line in this blog.

However, if  you got fish, I say you flaunt fish.  So here is another shot of Curmudgeon and the Dorado:

For anyone still inclined to the prurient side of Mr. Waller's utterances I offer the sailor's answer to the "Mile High Club".  Except I am not sure what you call it when you are 120 Nautical Miles from anywhere.

As Fats would say "I wonder what the poor people are doin'.  Wish I was doin' it with 'em".

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