Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Come with Me Where Dreams Are Born and Time is Never Planned

2012 01 03
London, ON

J.M. Barrie was not referring to London Ontario when he put pen to paper and crafted that line.  (the line is from Barrie's Peter Pan).  Cruising sailors know: we inhabit a world unknown to those imprisoned on land.

The crew of Meredith, with only ten days left until return to Spain, has begun preparing.

For those of you who have not cyphered it out Spain is one of our most favoured places to live.  Were it not for the Schengen Zone Immigration Rules we would stay a while longer but it looks as though we must leave Europe only days after our arrival.

Having to sail to Africa with visits to Morocco and Tunisia and Egypt is hardly a burden.

We go with only the vaguest of images of what we will see, who we will meet and how long we will spend anywhere.  Our plane cannot leave too soon.


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