Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today is a Rainy Day. I Want to Withdraw Some of That Daylight I Have Been Saving.

25 03 2012
Not So Tranquil Any More

Early Morning at the Marina
The Sky Did Not Clear Today
One of the scourges of modern society is the application of "Daylight Saving Time".  It happened in Almerimar this morning at 0200.  Did you ever notice how the agents of government always effect their evil in the dark of night?

Forcing some people to wake an hour earlier just so others can work longer days in energy free daylight seems an unnecessary intrusion into my life by an overbearing state.

If some jackass wants to get up earlier to enjoy more sunlight let him.  Don't force me to join him.  

It is not as if there is any real "saving" going on.  Where is all this daylight we have saved through our sacrifice and disrupted sleep patterns?  We should have warehouses full of the stuff lying around.  We have been saving it for a hundred years or more.  Are they carefully storing it all underground, enormous pipelines carrying oceans of sunlight and dumping it all carefully in some leaky state reservoir?  Where does it all go when we have saved it?

And what do we do with it all I would like to know.  Probably the Ministers of the Crown just sqander it on their favourite tart of the day.

Does the government come by in the dead of winter saying "Here is some of that daylight we saved fo you last summer.  Enjoy.  You Deserve It".  No.  Never.  The fatcat bureaucrats keep it all for themselves.  

Almermar has a solution.  This morning Daylight Saving was imposed here by government fiat.  Like many things in Spain DST happens a bit later that it does in the rest of the world.  All that tranquillity gets in the way of promptness. 

Today the Spanish fought back.  It is cloudy.  There is no daylight to be saved.  
There is barely enough light to make my morning coffee.  

Now this is how you run a protest.

You want to make me get up early so you can take all my daylight?  Well I won't give you any.  Daylight that is.

It the four months we have been physically present in Almermar it has rained twice.  Both times hard and seriously.  It has been cloudy only a couple of days more.

Two days ago, coincidentally, we were ready to begin painting the newly stripped and sanded teak toerails adorning our Meredith.  It required five eight hour shifts worked by two people to get to the point we were ready for paint.

Yesterday, Spain fired its first volley of protest against Daylight Savings Time.  The forecast came in "passing showers".  It was a one day prediction.

The Perils of Not Having Sufficient  Daylight.Work in Hand
You Cannot Practice Your Skills as an Jamonero in the Dark 
Today the forecast today is for "showers" and for tomorrow for "passing showers" tomorrow.  Skies are leaden and heavy, the air pregnant with moisture ready to depart the womb of mother nature.

Two days out of 120 and now every single day.  

Power to the People.  We Will Overcome!!!!

I hope the Falangists cave soon.  My wood is in need of paint.

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