Wednesday, November 21, 2012

home again home again jiggity jig

21 11 2012
London, Ontario

Home again and glad of it.  

It is so unbelievably good to be home.  Sleeping in a real bed in a nice house, children and family close at hand, pets and a house to work on in the idle times.  The guys have reinvited me to the weekly beernight.  Fast wifi is available everywhere and everyone is online and connected 24/7.  

TV news is in English and available in every political flavour from FoxNews through MSNBC all the way to CBC.

We have food.  Real food not other people's food.  More than anything it is the food that left us feeling like a visitor whereever we went.  As good as much of it was it was not the food of home and never could be.  

So, warm bed, family and friends, communications, entertainment and good food.  Sounds like heaven.

Sort of.

The comfy house needs to be worked on, family members have needs and demands, there is nothing on any of the 200 channels on TV that a sane person of greater than 65 IQ would want to watch and our waistlines are inflating like a Thanksgiving day float.

In Canada booze costs 200 % to 400 % more than in most southern european countries.  Our government owned, fully unionized Liquor Control Board makes secret deals with a group of angry teetotallers who have formed a modern Temperance Movement called MAD.  The purpose of the agreement is to artificially raise the price of alcohol. 

Walking in our front door we were ambushed by a pile of notices from Revenue Canada, our erstwhile taxing authority in Canada.  The brain trust at this federal bureaucracy seems intent on keeping at least four civil servants employed full time in harassing us to file null returns.  Our family business corporation has done nothing and owned nothing for a decade but hey, maybe this year.

Typing this I am just back from driving a 1,000 kilo automobile to the nearest grocery, about a kilometre away, to buy a litre of milk.  I burnt about 1.2 litres of gasoline doing so.  The litre of milk was priced at $3.60.  Four litres of the same milk cost $4.23 so I bought four litres even though I only needed one.  North American is doing what it always does.  

But as always we look to the future. 

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