Friday, September 6, 2013

Trees As They Relate to Spanish Economics

2013 09 06
FRIDAY (this is important as you will see if you keep reading)
Almerimar, Andalucia, Spain

An actual discussion leading to a contract entered into between myself, as buyer, and a local chandler:

Me: I want to order that solar panel we talked about this morning.  When can you get it in?

Seller: It will be here Friday.  I have four other panels coming from the same supplier and they will all be here Friday.  I can add your panel to the order if we act right now.

Me: Guaranteed by Friday?

Seller: Guaranteed.  

Me: Good.  Order the panel for me.  I will pick it up on Friday.  We leave on Saturday.

Seller: That will be a problem!

Me: What kind of problem?

Seller: The order might not get here by Friday. 

Seller: If you want it here for sure by Friday you will have to pay a €15 fast delivery fee. 

Me: Sighhhhhhhh.  Good enough.  Place the order, I will pay the €15 fee.

Seller picks up the phone in my presence and orders the panel with courier delivery.

It is now Friday at 2000.  No solar panels.  This is how business is done in Spain.  

So where do the trees come in? 

Spain is the only country in the world where "I was Sleeping Under a Tree" constitutes a valid legal defence to any criminal or civil action.  Fail to show up for jury duty?  Just tell the judge you were sleeping under a tree.  Automatic get out of jail free card.  

Just not doing something is not considered objectionable here.  Not doing something for a foreigner is, I think, a plus one.

This country is pretty much screwed. It should be.

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