Saturday, October 5, 2013

Out of the Crashing First World Into the Emerging Second: Great to be in Morocco

2013 10 05
Marina Bouregreg, Sale, Morocco

What is the first thing you do when you pull into the marina in Morocco after 34 hours of nonstop sailing?  Well if you travel with the Budget Committee you haggle for swordfish at the market.

First you Haggle.  This is one of my wife's purposes in life.  The poor vendor is making his final appeal to Burger who remains impassive knowing full well Connie has him in a pair of visegrips.

Then the fish is cut.  Catch the cigarette in the corner of the mouth.  A classic, you gotta admit.

And Weighed.  Not a single spark lost from the cigarette.

Finally and only after the weighing is the swordfish trimmed and portioned.  Burger in the foreground bought two filets from the BC.  I think our fish was free.

And fresh.  It has to be.  No one has refrigeration.

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