Friday, December 3, 2010


On a Mooring Ball, Two Barnacles Stuck to Our Butt
Doesn't Matter Where, Doesn't Matter When

[Curmudgeon and Budget Committee] on Meredith met [George and Georgia] on Agapi & [Russ and Pat] on Consort & [Scott and Kitty] on Tamure & [Steve] on Searcher at a Cockpit Party at Great Sale Cay, Abacos in 2008.  [Curm and BC] met [Bill and Barb] on Suncast in the Erie Canal in 2010.

Three days ago [C&BC] said farewell to [S&K] who had been in Vero for Thanksgiving and then headed outl.

Yesterday [C & BC] met [G &G] at a mall in the middle of nowhere. [G&G] and (C & BC] were delighted to find each other and shared lunch and discovered that both of them [B&B].

Back at the marina [C&BC] suggested {G&G] come for a dinghy ride to see if [B&B] were aboard.  It seemed like a nice surprise.

Enroute to [B&B] {[C&BC] & [G&G]} met [R&P] who had just moored their boat and were themselves dinghying to shore for showers.  Just prior to meeting {[C&BC] & [G&G]}, [R&P] had found [Steve] who was also anchored at Vero. 

Incapable of not noticing the conflagration midharbour [Steve] discovered {{[C&BC] & [G&G]}& [R&P} having a gam.

[Steve] dinghied out to gam in.

It turns out [R&P] are actually travelling with [S&K] but were delayed with engine trouble.

[G&G] invited all to dinner at their condo tonight which we will all attend.

[B&B] were not on their boat but that really did not matter.  [ & B] are coming to dinner.

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