Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Lesson in the Economics of Sailing

2011 02 24
Emerald Bay Marina, Emerald Bay, Grand Bahamas

 The Poolside Bar & Grill attached to Emerald Bay Marina

This is day two for Meredith at Emerald Bay Marina.  This is one day longer than planned but the decision to stay is a perfectly rational economic one.  It has nothing to do with the air conditioning, large screen satellite TV, free laundry, endless showers or fast internet.  Here is how the logic plays out:

The Decision to Come

This was easy.  The only fuel available in Georgetown is of very poor quality and must be lugged from pump to boat in jerry cans.  Fuel at Emerald Bay is available at the dock. It is clean sweet good diesel.  

Laundry is free at Emerald Bay.  The typical day at the laundromat in the Bahamas runs the Budget Committee a good $25.

Internet is sold for $2 for 80 minutes or usually $10 a day but the connections are not terribly reliable.

Emerald Bay costs $40 for a night.  Deduct the $25 for laundry and $10 for internet that we would have paid in Georgetown and our total cost is $5 for the marina.  The showers, washrooms, restauarant, airconditioning and TV are free.

It also turns out that the grocery at Emerald Bay is better stocked at lower prices than Exuma Market in Georgetown and the liquor store here is a good 20 to 30 % lower priced.  Bacardi "8" here is $20 for a litre.

How Can You Justify A Second Day?

Today the wind is out of the east.  Naturally this is our desired course.  We want to hop to Long Island or Conception today.  Tomorrow winds shift to the south.

If we leave today we will be motoring for 6 to 8 hours.  At a gallon per hour this will cost us $30 to $40.  

A second night of endless showers, airconditioning and good chairs in which to read will cost the usual $40 here at Emerald Bay.

We leave tomorrow and we can sail.  So really the second day is free.

Now, about day three.....

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