Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy and Well Fed at the Green Turtle Club, White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

2011 02 05
Green Turtle Cay, Abacos

The first time we came through the Abacos we found ourselves "stuck" in the anchorage in White Sound in Green Turtle Cay for a couple of weeks.  Weather was foul and strong winds and poorly directed swell closed the passage at the "Whale" to small boat traffic.  To pass from the Northern Abacos to the Southern it is necessary to exit the Sea of Abaco into the Atlantic Ocean and traverse a short, 2 nm passage before reinserting your boat into the tranquil waters of the shallow but protected Sea.

The Whale is a narrowish openinbg between two Cays, one of them Whale Cay, which sadly shallows as it narrows.  Waves driven out of the East approach the inlet from deep water and crash into the very shallow waters of the inlet with predictable results: a wall of intraversible white water.

That year conditions were truly abominable and seeking creature comfort and security of anchorage the decision was made aboard Meredith to take a slip at the Green Turtle Club.  We were forever altered.

The Club, a winter resort for those who are elderly and wealthy (that year we shared beachside drinks with a couple who told us all about "Little Conrad" referring to Conrad Black who would wander into their yard as a small boy) maintains what is probably the best kitchen in Bahamas.  

Even better during the off season the Club deducts your restaurant tab and bar bill from your dockage fees.  So you eat for free or dock for free.  Not too shabby.

This year the weather is splendid.  The food is even better.  Last night the maitre d' gave, a substantial woman, after some light banter gave me a table side massage. 

I mean, come on.

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