Friday, June 17, 2011

In the Switzerland of the Atlantic

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St. Georges Harbour, Bermuda

Meredith is just above the a in above.

Here we sit waiting for sufficiently strong winds to be able to sail out of Bermuda.  After five days we have had all the Bermuda we can handle.

So what is the scoop?

Connie engages in the national sport: shopping

British Heritage is Ubiquitious
Well, this is a beautiful island country.  Measuring only 20 or so miles long and 15 wide and consisting of 180 islands it is not terribly imposing.  What there is is unparalleled.

It is clean, civilized, its people friendly well dressed and well fed, the houses well kept, the transportation system efficient and very inexpensive.  The government runs well and society seems well integrated and at peace.

This Ship is Moored in Downtown Hamilton
And that my friends is what is wrong:  this is an island which makes its living on tourism and banking.  Especially  banking.  Basically the locals make a decent living working restaurants, hotels and shops.  The new people as they are called make their fortunes banking.

So this almost a paradise has all the charm of a banking nation.  Clean, precise, ordered.

What's the point?  

Diesel is $1.90 a litre at the cheap station, $2.17 at the dear one.  Food is maybe 25% more expensive than back home but not on everything.  Liquor is dear by any comparison  except Canada.  Restaurant meals cannot be afforded by middle class people (two eggs and bacon,  no sides $7 at the greasy spoon).

Make no mistake we would like to live here when we are old and retired.  It seems a perfect place.  

Need I say more?

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  1. We look forward to following you next journey. Let us know when you are planning to leave...and apx. how long the journey might be. Even though there is no one waving you away at the dock we are there in spirit! Bon Voyage & fair winds.
    PB & J