Sunday, June 26, 2011

Paradise Now - A Report One Week Out of Bermuda

2011 06 26

35 07 N
054 35 W

Running under the big chute for the past day (except last night when "Prudence" dictated we reduce sail) in light winds measuring never more than 8 knots. We making a reliable 5 kts COG.

Weather is sunny and hot and has been since we departed Bermuda last Sunday morning at 6 a.m. local time 0900zulu. Your humble scribe, never a big fan of communist plots such as clothing, has not been draped in fabric since Meredith departed Norfolk a fortnight ago. Except for Bermuda of course where they don't understand such behaviour unless you are French or German.

Seas are calm and have been for the last 36 hours. This is the cruising dream.

During the day we fix the boat, read, eat and sleep. By night we sit and watch. Calmly by now and comfortably. As at this moment it is everything you dream about. Obviously it has not always been nor do we have any expectation it will continue to be.

We enjoy what we have.

PS: And if I can find that darn Prudence I will throw her off the boat without her lifejacket.

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