Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quick Position Report July 31

 Dokos Island, Greece
2012 07 31

037 20.29 N
023 20.33E

Meredith is peacefully at anchor in a nice little cove on the north face of Kokos Island (Just North of the island of Hidra, or Hydra.

Mercifully there are no pretty little towns anywhere near us (that was just for you Maggie and we don't mean it a bit, well the Budget Committee doesn't anyway). We are in a massive cove.  Twelve boats are huddled together at one end and we stand alone at the other.  There is no taverna, no town, nothing where the other boats are and  the water is deeper.  However someone thought it was a good idea and all the chartering classes agreed.  I mean, if that guy whom I have never met says it's ok then it must be good,.

Not belonging to the condo cult (the cult of close living and conformity) ourselves we took one look and said "Adios".

Happily no one followed us.  

TO come in the reports:

Driving the Sahara desert
Xtreme tourism in the Ionian
Clearing into Greece, and Clearing in and clearing in and clearing in

Look forward to chatting but tonight we are getting drunk.  It has been an exhausting ten days.

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