Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watermakers in the Land of No Stuff

2012 08 25
Palau Fokaia, Greece (about 20 miles south east on the mainland)

The Harbour at Palau Fokaia
Too shallow for a keelboat to enter
Secured on anchor at Palau Fokaia, which appears from our guides to be the last viable anchorage east of Athens, we are situated just at the mouth of the harbour here.  Keelboats draw too much to enter.   

Our experiences along the Peloponnese and in the Cyclades have prompted us to consider acquiring a watermaker.  Long term cruising of these parts of Greece require it.  Facilities in the Dodecanese seem to be better, more real marinas and such, and we have no idea as to the rest of the country.

Intermittently reading an online guide to constructing our own watermaker (it is intermittent because the Vodafone dongle link keeps on dropping out) I come upon the following line:

When you go to the hydraulic supply shop to buy your hoses and fittings

This is just too funny in a sad and pathetic kind of way.  I know of three good hydraulic supply shops within twenty minutes of Lucan Ontario.  I doubt there is one in Athens, not one that will just sell me the parts I want.  My quick google for hydraulic supply in Athens produced twenty replies for Athens Georgia, Athens, Texas, Athens, Tennessee.  Nothing on the first page for Athens Greece.  

We are back in the land of no stuff.  

asides:  There is a good do it yourself watermaker site done by a German sailor called Dido's Watermaker found at but even this guy had to buy his pressure vessel and membrane in the USA.  He provides a list of German suppliers for the rest of the parts.

If you are interested, I have found that Danfoss, a Scandinavian company that made the redoubtable Danfoss fridge compressor, is selling a high pressure pump suitable for watermakers.  Danfoss have a good rep on our boat.

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