Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family as it Affects Cruising; Cruising as it Affects Family

Almerimar, Spain
2013 08 25

As the drunken crow flies we have just covered 1,700 nautical miles since leaving Venice.  This drunken crow had to fly to the south of Italy and then back to Messina, the north of Sicily and then to Bizerte, Mahon and finally Almerimar.  

We are recovering in the welcoming environment of Almerimar, a favourite place of ours. As we do this the world develops around us.

Our son leaves for college next week.  This is a major event for him.  We will not be there to see him off.

Our elder daughter and son in law hope to join us for the crossing from the Canaries to Caribbean.  Now that we access to internet we hope to be able to work out a plan to facilitate this.  A normal life puts all manner of obstacle in the way of young people taking time off work "for a month or two, I am not sure".  Work, career development, family, need for money all get in the way of the simple life available to senior citizens.  As much as we would enjoy their company on the return crossing we do not want to put any more pressure on these fine young people than is absolutely necessary.  

Yesterday we we informed by email that our younger daughter is getting married.  This is cause for celebration.  Our family, the people with whom we would celebrate, are all in North America.  After a wonderful skype call with the newly intended, no video because Spanish wifi sucks, Connie and I shared a couple bottles of Cava.  As we drank we also shared the gamut of bittersweet memories that come to mind in every parent as of their precious children announces they are stepping out of the nest on their own.  Last night we were keenly aware of where we were.  

And where we weren't.

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