Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On the Run: Brindisi to Santa Maria Di Leuca

This is Stop Number 2
2013 08 03
S de Maria di Leuca

I like Going Seven Knots
Our fridge installed we had to head west in a hurry.  We were late out of Brindisi due to a foul up at the fuel dock (the marinero with the key to the fuel pump did not wake up in time) but on departure we flew.  In following winds and current we put on ten hours of seven point five knots.  Damn invigorating.

It growing late we pulled into Santa Maria de Leuca, a lovely anchorage.  Sun had set when we dropped our anchor.  A bit of a mistake as it turned out.  

Next morning the anchor would not lift.  No amount of trickery or cajolling our swearing would help.  Finally at 0700 Benner removed his clothes and dived on the twenty five foot anchor.

In the dark we had dropped the hook right over a bed of nasty coral rocks.  Twenty minutes and half a dozen dives later the mess was untangled and we were underway.

Today we tackle the Gulfo di Taranto.

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