Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 - Benners Not Always Adrift

It is January 10, Saturday.

This is an interim message just to kick start the blog in the new year.

We are headed for Vero Beach, Fl and should make the marina by 2:00 p.m.

Vero Beach is a haven for cruisers, offering inexpensive moorings, free bus service to the shopping areas and a lot of fellow boaters.

Much needs to be done to get Meredith ready for the crossing to Bahamas: Supplies laid in, all minor repairs completed, spares checked and in full supply. Vero Beach is the place to do it.

Our first week back has been hectic, what with our stranding poor Meredith high and dry in Pablo Creek and losing our raw water pump but our progress southward has been almost unimpeded.

We are in striking distance of the Bahamas and can choose now at any time to cross.

Stories on the grounding and the water pump will follow.

A lot of fun surrounds the grounding. The Greeks had it right: a fine line divides tragedy from comedy, the latter often based on the former.

We laugh ourselves silly at some of the things we have done in just one week.

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