Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Godzilla Revisited

Maestro Nick Conducts the Allen Cay Orchestra in a Lunch Time Performance
He is not lunch

For their week in Paradise we decided Nick and Linds would like to visit Allen Cay in the Exuma chain of islands. Allen Cay is famous for its iguanas, the Allen Iguana, found only on Allen Cay.

Arriving in Nassau on Monday afternoon Nick and Linds rested on Tuesday. The weather was down anyway so we rested on Wednesday too.

On Thursday conditions were forecast to improve so off we went. Conditiions did not improve. Poor Nick and Linds suffered 3 hours of 25 kn wind tight off the bow and 8 foot waves right on the beam. Two sick kids. This was solved on arrival:

Allen Cay on Approach

Next day we started two of the best days we have had since we left Ontario. Allen Cay is famous as the home of the Allen Iguana, largest land mammal in the Bahamas and protected under Bahamian law. What is the big deal you ask?

The Reeve of South West Allen Cay extends
a welcome to the Crew of Meredith

Not much more need be said. You can figure things out:

Actually I am growing a bit irritated with the blogsite editing and will put the photos in a separate blog. Have a good one.

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