Monday, September 21, 2009

Done In By a Virus

Sorry folks. No posts as the computer was attacked by a virulent strain of the figaro virus, apparently so ingeniously constructed as to defeat the ability of my F-Prot virus scanner to detect.

What good one asks is a virus scanner that tells you after you are infected that you were just infected?

Well, I guess the really stupid people need someone to tell them that the reason their computer is acting so weird is that it has a virus.

Those are the same people who will be happy to have paid F-Prot a fee for telling them this invaluable information. I will not pay such a fee again. Not to F-Prot anyway.

Posts will resume imminently once I have reloaded my software. Yes, my solution to the virus was to wipe the drive clean.

It is sort of like your lost child being found: you are so happy to have him/her back and so angry with the needless disruption. Needless to say I want to file an Amicus Curiae brief at the sentencing of every hacker that is convicted from here forward.

Night all.

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