Friday, October 9, 2009

Blessed are the Poor

It is certainly a good thing we needed absolutely nothing for our Cabo Rico sailboat, Meredith, when we went to the boatshow.

Never before have so few bought so much for such little good reason.

Who knew there were that many essential products whose existence had been denied me. WHo could have predicted the deep abiding need that would fill this humble consumer on learning of all the wonderful things he did not yet have for his boat. Oh, progress. It took only minutes to go from total ignorance to "I have to have one of those. ... And a spare".

As a result my wife's life has been greatly improved.

We have 5, count 'em 5, new LED light bulbs to further cut our consumption of electricity. The Budget Committee has always been nervous about our consumption of current and she watches the battery monitor with a devotion that approaches obsession. These LEDs were so inexpensive it would have been a crime against the environment to pass them up. And I am a big supporter of the environment.

What a great idea it was when I saw the Garhauer display showing how to rerig the genoa cars and simplify the rigging of our sheets. And so reasonably priced. Guaranteed to save the Budget Committee hours of gruelling work grinding away at sheet winches and rereeving genoa blocks. My deep and abiding love for my wife compelled me to purchase these before she finished looking at new shoes.

That same Garhauer booth offered clever little blocks that affixed to the stanchions and eased the friction of pulling in the the furling line. Again, labour saving devices bought to reduce the burden imposed on my wife. Bought while she was not looking and Bill Garhauer, wise to the game, slipped them in the bag and cleverly handed it to her. Thanks again Bill.

In the same vein the new furling system was intended only to save her backbreaking labour of furling and unfurling our huge new Genoa.

Didn't I mention the huge new Genoa. You was necessary. My dear wife hates to heel. It makes her uncomfortable. Our existing Genoa is so old and worn that it no longer drives the boat forward, it merely pushes the boat over and adds tons of helm issues.

To enhance the comfort level of my beloved I placed a sort of firm order for a new genoa. Admittedly the order was placed very quickly before Connie could break away from that very nice lady whom we met last year at the boat show. But you understand, it was done for her own good.

My whole day at the show was been spent in a desperate attempt to improve the life of my mate. Does she appreciate any of it?

She is absolutely thrilled about saving power and happy that her grinding of sheet winches and furling of sails will now be easier.

If it never occurs to her that I could do all that work instead of her it is worth whatever it costs.

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