Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Same Old Same Old

No posts for a bit. Too boring to write about our lives are on hold.

At the moment we are anchored in Annapolis, anchored stern to in a little cul de sac at the back of Back Creek. Today we sit anchor watch while Meredith is strafed broadside by 30 knot winds. Ten seconds ago the anemometer gave us 29.8 knots off the starboard beam.

We stay busy watching late arrivals to the boat show motor up the river looking for a protected anchorage at this late date. There are none.

The Chesapeake has been dull. Other than today winds have been fair, anchorages safe. This is sort of like sailing Lake Huron without the North Channel or Georgian Bay.

The Chesapeake is big puddle with a bunch of rocks, some disguised as islands, in the middle just to screw you up. To sail North you must go South and vice versa. There are few interesting anchorages. Many dull boring safe ones reached after an hours long travail up some switchback river or another. Safe. Dull. Not worth the effort.

Every anchorage has a commercial district attached to it so those who revel in the consumer wasteland of downtown Bayfield Ontario would revel here. Lots of pretty paint and gingerbread on stores selling overpriced nic nacs. Lots of overpriced meals disguising cheap seafood in some heavy white sauce or another.

Sailing has been undemanding. Steady 25 knot winds, +/- 5 knots, off the stern quarter challenge neither rig nor our skill set. Locals do not sail the Bay in July or August as it is too hot and winds are too light.

The highlights of our trip have been on the personal side not in travelogue. The Cobb Island crew of Pierre, Jim, Joan and Horhay (Georges) gave us an unbelievable welcome and followup. Bill Breaux and Kim at Oxford MD became fast friends fast. Good times have been had with truly good people.

There is just not much to write about save personal observations not of a sailing nature.

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