Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dithering Away In Cumberland Land

November 29, 2009
Cumberland Island GA

Cumberland Island is very famous. For what I am not so sure but I am sure that every cruiser we meet tells us how wonderful it is.

Until now Meredith has been able to resist the somatic properties of that opiate of the herd: conformity. No longer. Today Winston Smith finds his desperate little bar a bit more crowded. Make mine Victory Gin. A double.

Cumberland Island is a very large national park located just south of Brunswick GA.

It is also adjacent to the ultra secret Kings Bay Nuclear Submarine Repair Facility close to St. Marys Ga. Warnings abound about the need to avoid entering the waters constituting the grounds of the facility. Here, we are told the guards shoot first and don't bother with the questions.

Kings Bay works hard in the unending efforts of the local government to keep the world free of all political interference save US political interference. It also keeps our water nicely active on the Geiger scale.

Apparently there are wild horses living on this island. I know this because the Island's brochure tells me where to drive so I can see them. It may just be me but I find something quizzically paradoxical about being carried to observe former beasts of burden in the very machine that obviated the need for said beasts existence.

Like Edsels horses just won't go away.

The Budget Committee, loving all things furry and still nurturing a life long love affair with horses, is looking forward to it. Which means I will enjoy it too. A bit curmudgeonly perhaps and certainly at the greatest vicarious and physical distance from the beasts as possible.

No gin on the boat I will have to numb my senses with a double rum and whatever. But not until I have changed the oil on something first.

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