Saturday, November 7, 2009

NIght Falls on the Atlantic

As night falls on an oceanic passage, even a coastal one, there are certain preparations that every cautious crew must undertake. The Budget Committee demonstrates:

First you must send all excess avoirdupois to the bow. You do this not to improve the weight and balance of the boat but rather this way if something needs to be done up there in the pitching freezing darkness all you need do is yell and the avoirdupois humps itself around until the order is filled. So much easier than having to go forward and do it yourself.

Once this is accomplished you must attend to your dress. When the temperatures are forecast to be in the mid 40s on land you know you are in for a cold one.

You start with a nice wool sweater and immediately cover it with your new Helly Hansen Fleece:

This is followed by your wind and waterproof breathable jacket. Sometimes these jackets can be tricky to climb into and must be remonstrated with, rather like an unruly avoirdupois:

The jacket is followed by the inflatable life vest:

and the tether:

and finally the hat:

But in the end all that work and preparation is well worth it:

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