Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Beaufort, SC
November 12, 2009

On a coastal cruise the nice thing about rain is that it is not often accompanied by strong wind. I am talking about rain here not spittle blown at gale force off the top of waves whether fore or aft.

Anchored in Factory Creek just outside of downtown Beaufort we have been pinned aboard Meredith by unrelenting precipitation, fallout from former weather threat Ida. No safety issues here just a desire to remain dry. We were however thankful that we were not traveling the waterway in the constant and fairly cool gravity driven H2O.

All that changed last night when the rain stopped.

The wind picked up. Strong wind running 20 knots before dark. The velocity only increased with the deepening evening gloom. Ever notice how deepening gloom intensifies the sensation of imminent doom.

It was a long night for the Budget Committee. All night she sat anchor watch in the cold blowing dark. She remembers the 1 night in 5 years of cruising that we dragged. This singular occasion cemented in her mind our frailty and our exposure to disaster in the face of wind while at anchor. My woman does not sleep if the wind is up.

Last night she sat alone.

I remember the 1 night in 5 years of cruising that we dragged. I figure if we did it right 1500 times and only missed one night then the odds are with me. My sleep is rarely impaired by application of wind. Add a quirky anchor set before the wind or a little wave action and you have my attention.

If you do not perceive a threat to be real you are poorly armed to do battle.

Last night I found myself a pacifist.

Not being totally without feeling I would periodically rise from my slumber and offer to "take a watch". This would allow my beloved to catch an hour or two of much needed rest. The Budget Committee refused throughout the night, suspicious that the instant she found sleep in the nice warm berth I would fall asleep on the settee.

The Budget Committee knows me too well.

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