Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dolphins and Dopplers: We are Sailing Baby

February 17, 2010
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thirty eight degrees Farenheit and the wind was blowing 15 knots.  Wind chill, a Canadian concept, was too low to look at.

Anchored at Lake Worth Inlet our goal was Ft. Lauderdale, some 40 nm hence.

We started out from the anchorage set on using the ICW believing the inland waterway would cut the wind and ameliorate the cold.  Approaching the first of 20 bridges with which we had to joust on the 40 mile segment from Lake Worth to Ft. Lauderdale the Budget Committee announced "When we started out this morning I was afraid of the wind and waves outside."  "Now" she continued "I fear 20 bridges more".

At 8:10 a.m. we had already changed our set in concrete plan made at 8:00 a.m.  It felt right. 
Good wind from our stern carried us south along the Florida coast at a fair clip, if you think 7 knots is a fair clip.  Because wind was from the North and we were going south our boat's motion reduced the apparent wind and we enjoyed 8 to 10 knots over the stern.

Forecast waves were 4 feet on a 4 second period: a bit choppy.  But waves, like wind, were out of the North and Meredith's southern track acted to lengthen the period to something more on the order of 7 seconds.  Four foot waves on a 7 second period are very nice.  Especially when they are from the stern and giving you a nice push.

Mid journey Meredith was met by a pod of 50 or so dolphins.  There were a lot of dolphins: swimming, racing us, crossing the bow, slapping their tails, just having a ball.  Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I have a video but I can't get Blogspot to take the file.  Sorry.

The 40 nautical miles from anchor up in Lake Worth Inlet to Meredith moored at Las Olas took 6 hours.

Setting up the internet on arrival we get an email from a boat of Newfoundlanders whose company we really enjoy.  "We are in Ft. Lauderdale." it read "Where are you?"

Quickly we replied that we were on mooring ball No. 7 at Las Olas.  

Nothing more was heard from Newfoundland until this morning when, attending to showers, at the marina office we run into the pair from Nfld.  They had been on mooring ball No. 7 at Las Olas until an hour before we arrived.  They had departed for an anchorage only 5 minutes away.  This morning they dinghied over to say hello.

After showers we met friends from Gatineau Quebec who are here renting for the season.  They have a CAR.  We dined at their favourite crepe place for lunch and pigged out on an outrageous seafood crepe in a subtle bechamel sauce.

Then it was off to Publix grocery and wine store to stock up on more drinkables before our departure.  

Tomorrow we go with Gatineau to Miami by motor vehicle.

A most civilized means of transport.  But no dolphins.


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