Sunday, February 14, 2010

Les Damnes de la Terre or Blessed Among Men?

February 14, 2010

Waking up to 38 degrees Farenheit, 3 degrees Celsius for the innumerate, is a strong inducement to remaining under the covers.  For hours.

It being my turn to put the coffee on this morning, as it is every morning, I took the liberty of starting up the generator and coaxing some heat out of our space heater.   This was strictly out of consideration for the Budget Committee of course.  I left her snuggled so deep in the down duvet I could not find her head.

Just a little taste of heat - to take the edge off.  Jesus, I am starting to sound like a heat junkie.  "No really, I can stop being warm any time I choose".

It is so cold I do not even think about sex.  Except I just did so I guess that part still works.

On a more productive and statistically probable front I will summarize the joy of cruising through the experiences of some of our close friends here on the water:

The Volvo Engine Crew out of Collins Bay, ON: Put into Eau Gallie in mid December to find out why their brand new diesel blew its head.  Still there although hoping to leave in a week or so.

Babykiller B (its preferred name not its real name) out of Toronto:  Contracted for "two weeks of bottom work" at a yard in Beaufort NC in October 2009.  Launched last Monday (Feb 8).  Immediately put to sea hoping to outrun a forecast storm.  Ran into said storm in short order.  Tied up in Surf City to wait out heavy rain (3 inches in one night) and 49 knot winds.  When the storm blew out they hightailed it south using the ICW due to sea rage in coastal areas.  They made it far as Charleston SC where  they were turned back at the Ben Sawyer bridge which was closed to all traffic for maintenance.  No Notice to Mariner had been issued.  Babykiller had to backtrack up the ICW to find an outlet to the sea.  This meant, in my estimation, going all the way back to Cape Fear river.  Another storm being forecast they arranged dockage at McLennanville SC. This second storm brought 4 inches of snow and massive winds.  When we last spoke the captain was shovelling out his aft deck so crew could get to the dock.  Poor bastards.

The Philosopher and the Speech Therapist from Hamilton, ON: Put into to Vero about 10 days ago intending to stay two or three days.  Weather stopped that idea like a mid morning heart attack.  The Philospher decided, last week, that he had time and expertise to fix the leaking shower that had bothered him for the past several months.  The plumber arrives on Monday (so the plumber says) to repair the damage.  The leaking shower had been drawn to his attention by the Speech Therapist who had ample opportunity to inspect all the fittings in the head when she found herself inextricably locked in said head for a few hours.  The philosopher did fix the door knob: he threw it overboard and installed a simple sliding latch.  The speech therapist is still undergoing alcohol therapy in an effort to deal with her incipient brush with claustrophobia.  The Philosopher joins her in an effort to forget the pending plumber's bill.

The Homebuilt Steel Boat from Kingston, ON: These guys made it to the Bahamas.  They sit in Nassau intending on sailing back and forth while they entertain guests for a while.  A gale is forecast for the Abacos for Thursday and the Nassau is not likely to escape the winds.

If we were landlubbers we might feel put upon.  As sailors all we can wait for is our next meeting so we can share out experiences - while undergoing group alcohol therapy of course- and have a good laugh.

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