Sunday, September 5, 2010


2010 09 05
Armdale Yacht Club, Northwest Arm, Halifax, NS

As a concept "Hungover" most accurately describes our condition this morning.  But only if you have passed middle age and know what a hangover is really all about.

Perhaps "numb" applies.  The Budget Committee was heard to remark that it did not feel very special to have survived the Hurricane; that she felt that nothing had really happened.  Hers was the best description.  I have no memory of the event.  When asked about the day my brain just skips over the events of the past 24 hours; all my synapses will produce is a very brief video of wind blown rain.  It is as if it did not happen.

An interesting effect.

We viewed a video taken from the cockpit of Meredith about 11:00 a.m.  I took the video.  But when I watched it there was no recognition of theimages, no sense that I was there, that this was my boat.  The video just does not register with me.


Hydro was out at the Yacht Club yesterday, as well as 60,000 other places in Nova Scotia.  Even after the storm died out the tender was not running and we were left stranded aboard Meredith until this morning.

Today we put the boat back together, came ashore, showered, enjoyed the breakfast buffet and discussed our plans.  We agreed we wanted to spend the day apart.  There is nothing to share between us. Today we are uncomfortable in each other's company, tense, uneasy.  Connie is wandering around a mall somewhere.  I am aimlessly putting flesh to keyboard and joining random conversations in the Yacht Club Bar.

It is a nice quiet day.


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