Thursday, September 2, 2010


2010 09 02
Halifax Nova Scotia

Meredith is in Halifax waiting out the passage of Earl.  We had been out of touch with society for several days as we sailed bits of the Bras d'Or lakes and the Eastern Shore.  No cell phone, no internet, no people.

Yesterday morning we got the first mention of winds forecast at 50 knots gusting 60.  The forecast is a bit higher today.  The marine broadcast dealt exclusively with the diminishing threat from Danielle.  No mention of Earl.

Anyway we heard the word yesterday, pounded all day into 25 knot winds and big choppy waves to get to Halifax.  We are esconced in the Northwest Arm on a mooring ball at Armdale Yacht Club.

We expect to spend tomorrow tying stuff down, removing sail and superstructure to reduce our windage.  Not much we can do about surge except ride it out.  At least the storm, forecast to hit about 7 a.m. Saturday morning (Atlantic time) begins at low tide.  Surge on top of tide can do odd and unfortunate things.

As between being at a dock or on a mooring ball we are unsure.  Docks are too often the cause of damage and reduce the options for a crew to take action.  Once you are tied down you are committed.  The far end of the Northwest Arm looks to be as protected a place as we are likely to find.

We are unlikely to post anything further until post storm.  We have a lot of work to do and the wireless does not reach our mooring.

Thanks to all who have voiced concern.  All that can be done has been or will be.

Another adventure awaits.

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