Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Nice.....Or Else

2011 01 23
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Yesterday started as most mornings start aboard Meredith since we learned the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that "Money for Nothing," is too offensive for Canadian airwaves.

Aboard Meredith we broadcast Money For Nothing every morning.  I use a little FM transmitter to transmit the music over the airwaves to our radio.  My boat is Canadian and the airwaves on it are Canadian. Screw you Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.  You and every attention hungry little nitwit human rights whiner and spineless cockroach bureaucrat in what has become our very disappointing country.

Are any Canadians doing anything about it or are you just sitting around like usual being nice while you let a bunch of politically correct jackass bureaucrats impose their pointless sterile existence on you.  This is all about control people. 

Fight back people.  There is still time.  Not much time.  Do something now.  Call your radio station and demand they play the silly song.  Write firm letters to the bobbleheads who purportedly represent you in parliament.  At the least phone the constituency office.  You not have to accept this idiotic attempt to homogenize what is left of your grey matter.

Bureaucrats fear nothing more than a public, a loud public discussion of what they are doing. So say things out loud. 

So maybe the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council will ban my post as being disruptive and rude and inciting discontent.


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