Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pirate Radio

2011 10 25
Afloat off the East Coast of dullsville aboard  Canadian PirateRadio Station MEREDITH,
(exact location unspecified, to protect us from missile attack from the Canadian Navy protecting your right to endless replays of Terry Jacks while you eat your unflavoured porridge)

"And that, good listeners was MONEY FOR NOTHING coming to you live from tape on frequency 88.9 on your radio dial.  Tune in tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. EDT sharp for another broadcast of your favourite illegal song.  Remember we rotate our broadcast frequencies often to confuse the muddleheads at CBSC and CRTC those good folks who work all that paid overtime to save you having to think for yourself.

Catch us tomorrow on 90.3, another  broadcast  of another song too horrid to allow Canadian minds to be exposed.  Don't worry folks the dumbass bureaucrats won't have  finished passing memos on our new frequency until at least noon. 

We're gettin' ready to sign off folks while I phone the government of our free neighbours to the south, the USA.  Gotta report my locale to the good folks at Homeland Security protecting Americans from unwarranted attacks from senior citizen Canadians striking at 5 miles an hour. 

It's great to be free folks.  The war  on terror is only ten years old now.  We are all in debt to our government which selflessly protects us from the unidentified unspecified unknown enemy that our government tells us wants to attack us and take our freedoms away. Nope.  We're gonna show those terrorist bastards and give our freedoms away to the government so they can protect us.

This just in folks.  The Canadian government has just banned the reading of "The Sky Is Falling".  Apparently some malcontents were suggesting that they could not see any difference between CSIS and Foxey Loxy.  Some people are never satisfied.  I for one am going to hide in this cave and wait until the sky is finished falling.

This is Winston Smith, broadcasting live till they catch me."

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