Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back in the US, Eh?

2011 03 24
Vero Beach, Florida

The Cuban invasion is at hand.  Departing Havana at about 11 am on Tuesday Meredith arrived stateside and established a beachhead at Vero Beach Florida on Thursday afternoon about 2 pm.  

Our fifty hours at sea purchased 350 miles straight line travel.  Oh the joy of riding the Gulf Stream.  At times our little boat was recording "velocity made good" numbers well in excess of 10 knots.  

We have retaken North America and it is ours.  Our first afternoon back we accomplished  the obligatory rites attendant on such an occasion: we showered in endless HOT water and enjoyed some properly cooked burgers with potato on the side.

Our second day home found us in our first grocery store since January 17.

Now we are on the internet - at a blazing rate of speed and with no service interruptions. 

Today we are going to walk around a mall and then go for drinks on some friends' boat.

Nice to be home.

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