Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Corrections

2011 03 05 or 06 or something like that
Puerta Vita Cuba

No apologies to Jonathon Frantzen, that silly author of trivial if disturbing sexual pecadillos and typically twisted childhood.  The man is a hack.  All I use is his title.

Meredith set off from Clarencetown Long Island a few days ago. I am not sure when.  Does it matter?

The forecast suggested it was a good time to head south and east and this time the forecast was right.  However the forecast was 12 hours premature.  The sailing was not rough even in the first 12 hours I just want it recorded that the forecast, only 15 minutes old, was wrong. 

Thirty hours later we were motor sailing in light winds along the south shores of Mayaguana, only 20 miles off the island of Provo, Turks and Caicos. 

That was as close as we got. 

The forecast, always wrong but the only basis for trip planning, suggested strongly we could not make our destination of Puerto Rico in good order and still return to North America to complete business at the end of April.

So, thirty hours out we turned right and headed for Cuba.

Thirty Six Hours later, about 5:30 pm we sailed into Puerto Vita, dropped the hook and waited for the quarantine inspection the next morning.  We had sailed the final 24 hours in a fresh breeze off the starboard quarter and were invigorated.

Now we are among friends, Tina the marina manager, Jose Vila Danger the Customs man, Peter the Dutch humanist who has now married a local and is seeking Cuban residency.

This is a good place and we are happy to be here.  We are very glad we dropped PR and returned to comfortable Cuba. 

Not much internet, no phone but everything else is just fine.

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