Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Secret to a Great Lobster Dip -Location, Location, Location

Vero Beach, FL

A great lobster dip, one which will wow everyone you servie it to, requires a very few special ingredients but the result is greatly enhanced if you choose the proper location for its preparation.

Here's how we go about it on Meredith:


A bunch of lobster tails preferably caught that afternoon or at least frozen within minutes of being caught
A tiny amount of Mayonaisse
A couple of tablespoonsful of good quality horseradish.  Add to taste
Lemon Juice to taste.

1. cook up a few lobster tails,  I find it makes a better dip if the lobster is cooked slightly longer that if you were serving the tails as an entree  When cooked to a good set set them aside to cool.
2. When the lobster is cool enough to work, remove the tail shell and the big vein that runs the entire length of the tail.  Shred the meat with a fork.
3. add enough mayo to moisten the lobster.  Do not overdo the mayo.
4. add horseradish until the mixture tastes as you think it should
5. add lemon juice, again, a few drops at a a time until the taste is right.

Preparing the lobster

Lobster is very easy to catch in Bahamas and Cuba so before you begin move yourself onto your boat in either of these countries.  When the light is right go snorkeling and come back with the day's lobster.  Usually 4 lobsters is enough, 6 is better.

Boil water.  Take your catch of lobster, one at a time, grab the thorax of the lobster in one hand and the tail in another.  Twist.  Throw the thorax back into the water.   Throw the tails into the boiling water and cook until the shells turn red.  They do.

Final Comment 

There is only one secret to fabulous lobster dip - lots of lobster.  None of the recipes you will find at home work because they are written on the assumption you do not have much lobster at hand.  Lobster is dear back home.

Down here lobster is cheap, as in free.  All it takes is an afternoon of swimming, spear in hand.  You combine it with a snorkeling expedition.

If ripping the tail from the thorax of the living lobster gives you the willies you can consider that at least the lobster is dead when it hits the boiling water, which would be its fate otherwise.  Or you can go to the store and buy prepared "lobster like substance" and congratulate yourself on being responsible.

Your dip will be flat and your guests unresponsive.

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