Sunday, April 15, 2012

Around Here the Americans Have British Accents and Carry German Passports

15 04 2012
Melilla, Spain, Africa

Where We Are in the Med

Spain's Tiny Circle of Africa
Melilla circled in yellow
While there are virtually no US flagged vessels sailing the Mediterranean when you eavesdrop on some of our conversations you discover that Americans can be found everywhere.  They are just disguised as Brits or Germans.  Listen in to a cockpit conversation between our boat and D##$%@, a Beneteau sailed by two lovably crazy Germans.

D: I can't believe those Turks.  They have put in force a law that says ve can only stay in Turkish vaters for 90 days out of 180.  This is ridiculous.

Bob: D, that is the same law that Germany has for us Canadians.  In fact Germany's law is worse because we only get 90 days in all the whole of the Schengen Zone.  You get 90 days in only Turkey.

D: Well, I did not know this.  But ve haf immigration problems and ve must control tightly our borders from foreigners.

Bob: Got that D.  But the Turkish government says they changed their immigration rule to tighten up their own immigration enforcement.

D:  But it is so unreasonable. .....

Or this conversation held recently with a British couple living in a lovely villa near Saidia, Morocco.

He: We come to Melilla to buy most of our needs.

Me: I guess the shopping is pretty bad in Morocco?

He: Well they have some nice items but when you go into one of their shops they expect you speak Arabic.

Me: ????? ......

So, as far as I can tell there are lots of good old American sensibility around here despite the lack of flags.  Lucky for us the clones like the originals are so good natured.

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