Monday, April 23, 2012

Boneheaded Banks: Paypal Disappoint Again

Saidia, Morocco
23 04 2012

Today we rented a car to drive about Morocco a bit.  The price was right and we would like to tour the north central bits of Morocco and maybe take in the city of Fez or Fes.

A good idea would be, we thought, to download a map of Morocco and Fez to use with our GPS enabled tablet computers.  So I tried.

It is impossible.  There is a Blackberry app with a downloadable detail map of Morocco but when I tried to buy it Paypal denied me.  Paypal it seems, the internet bank that touts itself as the international business payment system, freezes solid when it gets to Africa.  Maybe no one at head office of that international payment system has heard of Africa?

Worse when the gurus at Paypal found out I was trying to use them to pay while I was standing in Morocco they shut down my Paypal account and it is now frozen forever.  They tried to give me a chance and called me at my home phone number: the one in London Ontario.  For some reason I was not there.

So use Paypal for international payments only so long as you stay inside the borders of your own country.

Somebody should buy those morons a dictionary.

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