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How to Sail Into Melilla

19 04 2012
Last day in Melilla, Spain before heading off to Saidia, Morocco

Lighthouse at the Fortress, Melilla
Sailing into Melilla was most accurately described to us by the singlehander who crewed "OLLI".  "It is easy" he said "Even at night it is lighted up like day."

Well it is easy and we sailed in about 4:30 a.m. one morning and it is indeed lighted up like daytime.

Here is the entry:

This takes you to the fuel dock at the marina.
We tried to hail the marina and the authorities before we entered the harbour using channels 9 and 16 oin the VHF but to no avail.  Marina staff were waiting at the fuel dock so we know our calls were received.

Even at 0400 we were signed into the marina, assigned a slip and tied up with help from the marineros.

Relevant Information:


offseason  €0.1581 per square metre per day.  This includes water and electric. For Meredith this was €5.95 per day.

Fuel: Diesel is just under €1.07 per litre at the marina today.  We understand prices are well over €1.50 per litre on the mainland.


This marina is as secure as any we have been in.  The Port Police office is right at the transient dock, the Guardia Civil patrol hourly, the Policia Local twice daily from their office on the other side of the marina and the National Police show up whenever they feel like it.


SHOWERS: clean and water is hot and abundant.  During our stay the military was running diving exercises and the guys all showered at the end of day.  Then the showers ran cold.  Solution was not to shower between 1700 and 1900.

GROCERIES: are readily available and only one or two percent more than mainland Spain, if that.  If you have urgent needs on arrival use the mini Supersol store only two blocks from the marina.  The big Supersol is four blocks away.  You can choose between Supersol (big and small), Dia (small), SPAR (no idea) and LIDLs (big) and all are within a 15 to 20 minute walk.

CHANDLERS: There are two well stocked chandlers.  One is located in the Casino which runs along the front of the marina and the other is in the shed on the yard.  I recommend you use the chandler in the shed as prices and brands were more acceptable.  The chandler in the casino was very dear.

Melilla Essentials.  Click to Enlarge.  Transient Dock is circled in Purple
The Playas are incredible - Like Ft. Lauderdale without the Rascacielos

HAULOUT: Our friends hauled out while we were here.  The cost was €94 each way (in and out).  Pressure wash was charged at 2 hours labour @ €40 per hour.  It was the best pressure wash I have ever seen.  Nothing was left on the hull or the prop.

While on the hard the cost of stay was €2.50 per day.  I understand the rates go up after ten days so do not linger.  There are only two cradles for transient boats so only two boats can be hauled out at any given time.

MECHANIC: The mechanic who ran the yard and the shop impressed us as knowledgeable and gave our friends good advice on drive train issues.  He called Holland when my friend took issue with his advice and spoke to Vetus to verify prop size and pitch.  The mechanic had everything right and Vetus only confirmed what the man had already advised.  Our friend's boat works very well now and the bill was reasonable.  Shop rates are €45 per hour.

Overall:  We give Melilla an A.  Friendly, safe, clean, cheap, good shopping and groceries, decent mechanic and one of the best beaches we have cafe'd in a long time.  Happy we came.  Wish we had come sooner.

Before coming here we read accounts of diseased beggars thronging the streets of Melilla, lying in the gutters, ignored, while they suffered horribly from disabilities.   Nothing could be further from our experience.

Now we must ready the boat to make for Saidia.  Fuel there is reported to be €0.72 per litre.

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