Friday, August 27, 2010

Meredith Stuck in a Gravity Well in Summerside

2010 08 27 
Still in Summerside PEI

Today would have been a great day to travel.  For most people.  Not us.  We remain in deep state of drain.  Batteries are not charging.  Maybe a bug, maybe ennui, maybe a lot of things.  

Woke up at the usual 5 a.m., listened to the cold wind that blew in last night and both went back to bed.  Slept for 4 more hours. 

Summerside is very nice.  Bought an airfilter yesterday from Carquest and left my visa at the desk.  The guys at the counter drove it down to the marina for me.  Rare in this day and age.

Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club is very accommodating.  Fuel price is fair and the resto bar is reasonably priced.  A nice place to be.  Even stuck.

That is it for Today

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