Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rushed Report

Charleston VA
2010 10 22

Gotta hurry this so forgive grammar, spelling and typos.

We ran offshore to Charleston out of Beaufort getting in this morning at 8 a.m.  Our destination was Winyah Bay, inlet leading to Georgetown SC but we were travelling with another vessel that suffered a series of intensifying breakdowns and we kept company with that boat for additional distance to Charleston and an easier entry in the dark. 

Winyah Bay is a nice inlet but it is dark and when you are breaking down and afraid you will not make safe harbour you do not need the additional stress of coming into a strange inlet in the dark.

I mention this in particular because we had plans to meet friends who live in Georgetown and it seems our plans have changed.  A flexible schedule is critical in cruising because you never know what will happen next.  At least this time it was not happening to us - we were merely nursemaids.

In the end the other vessel got into Charleston safely and we left them tied up on the Megadock with a list of phone numbers for mechanics.  Good luck to them.

Halifax to Charleston in less than a month.  Not too shabby in our view.

Tomorrow, if I can find some internet, I may have something to post.  The Budget Committee and I have accumulated a total of 15 hours sleep in the past 36 and we both feel the energy draining out of us. 

Morphius beckons.  We submit.

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