Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yet another word on Homeland Security and "The Rules for Boaters"

Charleston SC
2010 10 22

Tedium describes this process but we get the hook down in Charleston in our favourite anchorage (about a mile from Charleston City Marina - no boats and no cranky boat owners).  As we hope to walk about Charleston tomorrow first thing on the agenda was to call CBP - Customs and Border Protection.

Well, it was Saturday morning, 8 a.m.  We called the magic 800 number and were connected to Charleston office of CBP.  The voice mail told us to leave our name and phone number.  Someone would call us during "normal business hours". 

This farce really has to stop.  Either the US is concerned about border security and believes all middle aged Canadians to be threats to the peace of the homeland or they should should just stop this silly charade.

If you are American you should find this mockery of a process nothing short of a national embarassment.  And a damn dear one.

Canadians know we are headed down the same road.  Time to put on the bureaucratic brakes.  Somedays I figure our only hope is the fact we are all approaching national bankruptcy.

Maybe when all the cheques bounce some sanity will  reassert itself. 

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