Sunday, October 31, 2010

So I am Wrong, But...

St. Augustine, Fl
2010 10 31

Meredith arrived St. Augustine, North America's prettiest downtown and absolutely nicest outdoor mall.  Bar none.

People who dislike St. Augustine are few and far between.  They should just be shot.

Some object to the disgusting anchorage which serves this Spanish outpost: poor holding and full of permanently anchored local boats secured with two and three anchors.  No Longer!!!  The town cleared out all the miscreants and are installing a mooring field.  $20 a night.

The anchorage is clean, clear, easy and inexpensive.  We like the change.

A recent post took issue with my comments on the nuclear submarines Canada purchased from Britain.  You remember - the ones that did not work.  Wade, a former colonel in Canada's armed force, hastened to point out my error:

I cannot help but send you a query wrt your latest rant, which included a comment about Canada's subs:

"The last technology we bought from the UK consisted of two nuclear submarines, neither of which has, to my knowledge, actually sailed a single hour in pursuit of Canadian military objectives.  Neither has ever worked nor works now."

Where did you get the impression that these are nuclear?  What do you mean by nuclear, nuclear powered or nuclear missile carrying (or at least capable)?  I believe that these 3 subs are referred to as Victoria class.  This link provides a good summary

I think that news reporters often mistakenly refer to them as nuclear because they were phased out when the Brits decided to focus on nuclear powered subs.  By the way, navies call them boats, while the rest of the ships are called ships.

So I was incorrect.  HOWEVER....

No one, even Wade, has suggested the damn things worked.  And if the subs we bought were diesels then the Brits are really really incompetent.  They even screw up diesel technology.  British quality speaks for itself. 

 Being diesel it does matter for Canada.  If they did work we can't afford fuel.  So six of one...

And by the way you call that a  "rant".  You haven't seen a rant out of this guy if you think that was a rant.  That was reasoned discourse.

At least that is the only objection to that intemperate bit of electronic communication.  So far. 

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