Thursday, October 28, 2010

Waiting for ToGo

Beaufort SC
2010 10 28

Sorry about the title.

When we rose this morning the radio told us relative humidity was 97%.  By 10:00  a.m. our thermometer was confirming ambient temperatures of 87 degrees Farhenheit.  Thunderstorms are due all afternoon and evening.

Meredith sits idle in Beaufort SC waiting for weather.  We need to travel south.  Offshore and coastal winds remain out of the south with waves following.  A cold front is due late today, hence the thunderstorms.   Cold Fronts bring wind shifts.  

The St. Lawrence was incredible and we recommend it to anyone, anyone at all.  It is one trip you won't forget.  Guaranteed.  Nova Scotia, expecially Cape Breton is a sailors wonderland.   As much fun as we have had since Nova Scotia it has been a bit of a Lemans race.  Our purpose is singular: get the boat south.

While we like Beaufort SC we do not like it 3 days worth. Waiting for weather and a clear shot at a 30 sail is vastly superior to having to spend days and days mucking about the shallow winding ICW.  That was fun the first time.  No longer.

The bridge at Beaufort, Ladies Island Bridge, is working a reduced opening schedule just now.  It does not open from 7 to 9 or from 4 to 6 and only on the hour between 9 and 4. 

Factory Creek, our beloved secure anchorage is located on one side of the bridge; freedom on the other.

Anticipating making a break for it in the morning we moved Meredith south of the bridge and dropped hook just out of the Downtown Marina in Beaufort.  Nice staff work here but they are dear dear dear - second highest fuel price we have paid this year.  And that is for the dyed red reduced tax offroad fuel.

Mooring at Downtown Marina requires a very close watch on tide as the tidal difference is about 9.5 feet and the current can be ferocious.  Always approach into the tide.  Remember that 1 knot of tide is equal to about 30 knots of wind.  So even when the wind is strong and opposing the tide, favour the tide.

Or come to grief.

We are sitting in the Common Ground Coffee House enjoying iced tea and apple strudel.  And air conditioning. 

We may not leave for hours and hours and hours.

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