Tuesday, September 6, 2011

European Cruising Resources

2011 09 06
Aqua Mall Portimao Portugal

The battery is almost dead so there will not be much more of this.

If you wish to cruise Europe there are some quick guides you should know about.

Best Travel Blog: http://www.seayara.net/wordpress/

Second Best: http://www.roamsail.co.uk/

Best Internet Information Site: http://www.cruiserswiki.org

Best Paper Guides:  The Cruising Almanac and the Mediterranean Cruising Almanac both by Imray Iolaire.  Dear but worth it.  Do not be tricked into buying the Mediterranean Cruising Handbook or the Mediterranean Cruising Guide also by Imray but totally useless.  (thanks to Branco and Maggie on H2OBO for this)

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