Friday, September 9, 2011

You Want to Watch that Racial Profiling

2011 09 09

Ferragudo, Portugal

KRUPS, KRUPS? You Gotta be Kidding
I fear I suffer a bit of anti European sentiment.

Couple of days ago at the local appliance store I noticed that most of the stuff on the shelves was made by KRUPS.  It stopped me cold in my tracks.  

KRUPS was a big german munitions company, ie they made bombs, bullets and guns used to kill Canadian soldiers in WWII.  And now the people those Canadians died to help were buying consumer crap from the company that killed their liberators?  Man was I pissed.

Luckily I have learned to wait on these things.  Confirmation is needed before nuclear attack can be invoked.  Investigating I found, pending further investigation, that the bombs and bullets company was KRUPP not KRUPS.  So never mind.   

But I was a bit too ready to believe the worst.

Any Port in a Storm

If you visit Lisbon we recommend you find the Institute of Port where you can sit in beautiful old leather chairs and select your favourite tipple from a port cart.  Prices are unbelievably low and you can likely buy a port put down in the year you were born. That must have been a good year right?

Here are a couple of selections from a local liquor store - that 1924 vintage at 1400 euros a bottle will never touch my lips.

But the 1927 is a real bargain at only 1,325 Euros

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