Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soylent Green is People

2011 09 06
Portimao, Portugal

Peter's Cafe Sport - but in Lisbon!!!

If our dinghy ever shows up we will leave this two donkey town but for now we are rested, travelled and ready to go.

Arriving at Horta every sailor knows he must immediately attend at Peter's Sports Cafe and pay homage.  Peter's is a decades old tradition in the sailing community.  During the hurricane that wiped out Horta, back when Peter was still alive and running things, this restaurant reopened to serve sailors whose boats were destroyed warm food and cold drink.  Peter earned a significant place in the hearts of the sailing community for his generosity and compassion.

Peter has died and his son taken over the restaurant.  Sailors being people of tradition carry on the tradition of honouring Peter's actions on our behalf by stopping at the Cafe Sport as often as possible when in Horta.

Being somewhat contrarian it was our experience on attending at Peter's on our first night in Horta that the ambience was that of a junkyard office, the service was atrocious, the food overpriced and badly cooked.  There was little to recommend it in our view.  We kept this view to ourselves.

A few weeks later we found ourselves in Angra da Heroismo on the island of Terceira.  A few days in the marina found us exploring extensively on foot.  We came upon a North American style mall.  A mall full of North American style stores, a Best Buy quality electronics store, two cell phone company booths and a food court with Burger King and Pizza Hut.

Just outside the food court was a kiosk hawking postcards and Tee shirts.  It took a minute but the tee shirts were all from Peter's Cafe Sport.  This was puzzling for only a second.  Looking up from the rack of clothing we saw that the kiosk was an official licensed Peter's Cafe Sport franchise.

A few days ago while walking the Expo 98 riverside development in Lisbon we came upon the Peter's Cafe Sport pictured above.  Another licensed Peter's Cafe Sport franchisee.

Peter's as now constituted is just a cynical attempt  to milk the reputation of a man who earned our respect.  Soylent Green is people.

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