Thursday, October 6, 2011


2011 10 06

Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain
Right at the Straits of Gibraltar

The view from Meredith at anchor>
Tarifa in the Foreground
One of Hercules Pillars in the Back

We onboard Meredith are definitely buzzed.

Setting off from Cadiz early this morning we motored into a stiff breeze to Tarifa, about 50 nautical miles.  Tarifa is a tiny point of land just at the western boundary  of the Straits of Gibraltar.

Fifty miles into the wind makes for a long day so we quit when we got here and anchored off the beach just to the west of a breakwater at Tarifa.

To transit the Straits we want to run about three hours ahead of high tide.  Normal flow of water is from Atlantic into the Mediterranean which surprised us.

Tomorrow the forecast wind is nil.  That sounds like a good day to travel.  We are off at dawn's first light (0830 local time) which will see us suffer some set from tide but nothing unbearable.  Luck with us we will be in La Linea by noon ready for a day of sightseeing in Gibraltar.  If the wind is still up then we sit in Tarifa until conditions permit.

Totally in awe but still smug, we remain,

Curmudgeon and the BC

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