Monday, October 10, 2011

Sands of the Kara Korum - All Over My Boat

2011 10 10
Thanksgiving Day

La Linea, Spain 

One of our solar panels pictured at 8 am this morning
was cleaned yesterday at 8 am
and yes I know that the sand did not likely come from the Kara Korum but
it was a good book and I liked the title
Windy, dark and overcast, today is perfect weather for celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving.  Even though we are still wearing shorts we imagine ourselves back home walking in the fallen leaves, the slate sky pregnant with rain and the wind in your face.  A good day for a long walk along the railway right of way preferably with a good dog.  Even a bad dog would be welcome.

For near on three weeks Gibraltar/La Linea have been under the influence of a Levant,a steady strong wind out of the east carrying Mediterranean humidity and Saharan sand to be deposited on the suspecting but helpless citizens of Gib and outlying areas.  Each day begins with us washing from our solar panels the patina of sun blocking corrosive grit which each night knits itself into a continuous cover over each panel.

For the last two months I have grown highly appreciative of the air filter on our diesel for it is clear that every breath of this atmosphere is full of death for mechanical systems.

Maintenance is a critical function here in the Med: Washing out grit and relubricating blocks, winches, slides, anything that rubs on anything else in performing its duty for the boat.  Lots of work, lots of grease.  

It does no good to just add more lubricant to old lubricant which is contaminated with sand.  You have to remove the old and replace it with new.

A constant ritual of inspecting, cleaning, oiling, inspecting...

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