Friday, October 21, 2011

The Three Out of Four Mornings Exercise Troop

The Three Mornings Out of Four Women's Exercise Troop
save for Maggie who has the camera
Seven a.m.

Connie climbs out of the V berth and quietly dresses in the salon.  In the icy cool of the pitch black morning she makes her way to the bow of our 38 foot sailboat and climbs down to the ground using the cross piece on the anchor for a foothold.

From my redoubt in the bow, under warm soft sheets and down comforter, I hear the troop of women marching in synchronized determination as they exercise their way to the front  of our boat.  As the troop passes Connie falls into her assigned spot usually beside Fumi, the Japanese grandmother from Foxglove, and quickly picking up the rhythm of the her troopmates  she moves off in lockstep with the Three Mornings Out of Four Women's Exercise Group.  Not a word has been spoken.

Two hours later she returns, face showing the physical strain of her morning's exertions.  Quietly she sits, picks up her kindle and without a further word, reads the morning's Toronto Star.  She rarely moves for the ensuing two hours.

Led by Maggie from Waterhobo a group of eight boating wives subject themselves to rigorous physical workout for three mornings in a row.  One day is allowed off and then they do three more days.  It is a little paramilitary group.

Paqui Cooks Her Own Sausage with Excessive Delight
While Mary Belle Uses the Flame for Something Less Symbolic
After hours, which means any time the group is not exercising, they go to the market, get together on one or another boats for drinks and dinners and generally live live to the full.

Fumi, Mary Jesus, Maggie and Terry at Market
Last Wednesday the group went to a local market returning with olives, fruit and fresh everything.  Copious amounts of liquor were consumed that left most of them next morning  burdened with  substantial hangovers.  Not that any hangover would be permitted to interfere with a workout.

Membership in the group is not limited to women, at least not by any stated rule.  One man attended one morning session but never made the second morning.  "It's like childbirth" my wife explains "It Hurts.  Men Aren't Interested".  

For once we agree.

The group is bound by no discernable common thread.  One is English only, another near so, one is near Japanese only, three are Spanish speaking only.  Not all have children.  

As you can see despite the near military degree of organization and commitment at work in the group they enjoy a full measure of fun.

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